Technology Help Desk

We do it for Individuals and Businesses

Technology Help Desk

We do it for Individuals and Businesses

Minimize your tech frustrations and confusion

Maximize your productivity and results

Minimize your tech frustrations and confusion
Maximize your productivity and results

We will work with you to remove your tech anxiety,

reduce fear, and eliminate confusion

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Are you spending a lot of wasted time starting up your computer?
It’s been said time is money and you’re wasting money when can’t get things done because of a poorly functioning computer.

Sounds like you need a Tech Tune-Up for your individual computer and devices.

Our Tech Tune-Up for Individuals will increase the performance of your computer, improve your security, and save you money.

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Tech Tune Up For Business

Are you an existing business or a startup?

Our complete Tune-Up will give you the roadmap you need for technology success in your business.

Did you know that over 83% of small businesses say that increasing time constraints are one of the biggest obstacles to success?

We will help you find low-cost tools to increase your productivity and should free up time for higher-value tasks.

With a tech tune-up, you will get more done with less, reduce overhead, increase cash flow, and reduce your risk for costly cyber-attacks.

Website design & Development

Looking for the extra edge to attract new customers?
Ever wonder why more of your leads aren’t turning into customers?

If you are a serious business, you need a serious website and landing page.

A quality website builds credibility…

Showcases your products and services….

A quality website is not an expense, it’s an essential business asset.

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Training Services

Technology is moving very quickly whether you are one person or a group.

Do you feel left behind in technology?

Do you feel alone or dependent on other people to show you how to work your computer device?

Let’s turn your tech confusion and frustration into productivity and results.

We believe in coaching and training.


Computer devices are like cars, they need regular maintenance and things occasionally break.

We offer membership packages for individuals and businesses.

Each is affordable and better than our hourly rates.

A membership package will keep your computer devices updated, humming, and cyber safe.

Come join our community of growing individuals and businesses.



Are you overwhelmed by the daily tasks of your business?

Does it always seem like there’s never enough time?

T-Assistant is a suite of digital asset tools for small businesses.

It will allow you to leverage the power of automation for those everyday critical tasks and yield proven results consistently – tailored and easy to use customer relationship management (CRM) for sales leads follow up, email campaigns, customer inquiries and tracking, invoicing and so much more.

While your T-Assistant is taking care of the everyday things to run your business, you’ll be able to focus more on high-value tasks.

That means more lead conversions with less individual follow-up from you, prospects turned into customers and raving fans.

We would like the opportunity to serve you even if it's simply to point you in the right direction!