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Business Intelligence

Are you making the right decisions each day to move forward?

Do you have an accurate picture of what’s happening in your business or projects? Are you worried about cash flow and overhead? Are you using your resources in the right way?

We live in an age of information overload with everything moving at a fast pace which makes it easy for things to fall through the crack.

Yet there’s a lot at stake as the decisions you make today will determine where you will be down the road.

Even experienced and intelligent decision makers will fail if information is not reliable and timely.

Money and time will be wasted, projects will come in late and over-budget, and you may even focus on the wrong clients.

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Business Intelligence is using information to make the best decisions

You may have lots of data, but not useful information.

To make good decisions, you need the right information at the right time.

Business Intelligence uses a wide variety of computer-based tools to collect and analyze data to provide actionable information.

We take a unique approach to Business Intelligence…

We will work with you as a coach and partner throughout the BI process to help you get the information you need to make intelligent decisions

We are keen listeners and results-oriented which means we will help you realistically look at resources to make truthful decisions and come up with BI plans that work for your specific situation.

Unlike many big box IT consulting firms, we understand how tight money can get and that you don’t need the latest fancy big system, just affordable and user-friendly tools that can get things done.

Our goal is the for you to have the tools that work best for your situation.

Some practical things we like to help clients find user-friendly tools for:

  • Tracking and projecting cash flow
  • Tracking and analyzing what’s happening with clients or customers
  • Tracking employees (who are the high performers?)
  • Prioritizing resources
  • Tracking and projecting inventory or supplies
  • Tracking and improving your online presence

Edith King, the founder of Editco, has over 30 years of IT experience working in the public and private sector, including work with non-profits.  She has worked on a variety of project-types and has familiarity with a broad range of computer-based tools.

It all starts with a conversation

We would love an opportunity to learn how we may help you, even if it’s simply to point you in the right direction.

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