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IT Tech Tune Up

Worried about the next ransomware attack?

Is overhead eating up your bottom line?

Is there always more that needs to be done than resources on hand?

Want to get more done with less, reduce overhead, increase cash flow, and reduce your risk for costly cyber attacks?

It’s time for a Tech Tune-Up!

  • Technology is moving fast making it hard to keep up
  • Lots of opportunities to help with common business challenges but also serious downsides if not done right

With our Tech Tune-Up, we have simplified the process of helping professionals, small businesses, and non-profits find practical technologies that work best for their situation and limited resources.

Stay Safe

Did you know that 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber attack?

We will help you reduce your risk by making sure you are properly protected from costly attacks and use technology the smart way.

Get More Done

Did you know that over 83% of small businesses say that increasing time constraints are one of the biggest obstacles to success?

We will help you find low-cost tools to increase productivity and free up time for high value tasks.

Reduce Overhead

Did you know that many businesses fail within 2 years?
– 82% fail due to cash flow problems

We will help you find tools to eliminate wasteful overhead, track cash flow, and leverage new cost-saving technologies.

Edith King, founder of Editco.co, has over 30 years of IT experience working in the public and private sector, including non-profits.  The Editco Team has experience with a broad range of computer-based tools and technologies that can help clients meet their everyday challenges.

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