Website Design & Development

  • Turn your boring website into a customer-producing machine.
  • Learn how to create a website that drives you new business 24/7/365 no matter what type of business you run.
  • Make your website work for you, now and in the future.
  • Take advantage of the millions of buyers who are now doing business online instead of in-person.


If you're planning to market your business, a website should be your first priority.


30 percent of consumers won't consider a business without a website.

97% of consumers go online to find and research local businesses.

It is Crucial that Your Website be designed around a plan and desired outcome.

We are talking about the design of your website, the psychology behind it, and the experience users have when they land on your site.

Having a website will attract new customers to your business and make you more money.

SEO Consists Of Two Core Strategies

#1.  ON PAGE SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

A website without Search Engine Optimization is about as useful as a measuring tape with no markings.  No matter how nice your website is or how much of your hard earned money you've spent on it, if it's not found by potential clients, it's a digital paper weight.  There are many web developers selling contractor websites for top dollar and they have little to no idea what actually makes a website rank.

Our strategy to get a website to rank well locally (in Google Maps) and in organic search is aggressive, white-hat, and thorough, we leave no stones unturned.  We often do website analysis for new clients who've been spending top dollar on an SEO firm only to find out their SEO firm has done virtually nothing but take their money!

In the confusing world of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization it's EASY for a contractor to get ripped off and taken advantage of.

Here's What We Do...

We'll Start With The "On-Page" Optimization
All Work Is Documented And Provided To Our Client

On Page SEO

On Page SEO includes everything we do when building your site.  We guarantee your "On Page SEO" will be rock solid and we don't get lazy or cut corners.  It's hours of extra work for us, but you know it's done right!

Project Photo SEO

We make sure all of your project and job photos have proper filenames with proper image meta-tags (Alt Img tags), and they are optimized and resized for fast loading.  An opportunity wasted by many competitors.

Proper Page URL Structure

We make sure the pages of your website have a logical, yet descriptive URL structure so it's easy for Google to understand and index your pages properly and easy for visitors to find them when they search.

Meta Titles & Descriptions

We hand craft all of your page titles and meta tags so they are unique for each page of your website.  They follow best practices and will  entice visitors to click your listings that show up in the search engines.

Pages For Each Service

We create an optimized page for each key (profitable) service you offer.  This increases your page "footprint" and your opportunity to be found.  You won't find us building skimpy little five page websites.

Pages For Each Service Area

We create an optimized page for each of your core service areas you'd like to work.  We call these "Service Area" pages.  We try to target wealthier, more affluent areas where people who can afford your services reside.

Optimized For Fast Loading

We make sure your website is optimized for speed and that it loads quickly on all devices and gets a high score with Google's page speed testing tool.  Faster sites get a ranking edge and lower bounce rate.

Scheme Markup

Schema is "microdata" that helps send signals to the search engines about your content and what it's about.  Very few designers implement schema because they don't know how or are too lazy.  Not us!

Optimized Blog Posts

We write informational and engaging blog posts to help draw in more targeted search traffic.  Our competitors often out-source this work to cheap writers over-seas.  We write all of your content in-house.

#2. Off-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

"Off Page" SEO is what happens "off" your website and involves items like social media profiles, local citation building, targeted backlink building, community outreach, local publicity, and analyzing your top-ranked competitors websites (for more opportunities).

This is one area of Internet Marketing where it's extremely easy to be taken advantage of because you really don't know what your web guy/gal is or isn't doing.

Here's What We Do...

For Our Clients "Off-Page" Optimization.
All Work Is Documented And Provided To Our Client

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO includes everything we do AFTER building your website.  We put great emphasis on our clients off-page SEO because off-page SEO is a major contributing factor to how well you'll rank.

Social Media Profiles

We'll setup all the most important social media profiles for your business.  This helps boost engagement with your website, and increases your "social credibility".  Social media profiles are also great backlinks.

Local Citation Building

When your NAP (Business name, address, phone number) is on another website it's considered a "citation".  Accurate and up-to-date citation profiles contribute to your rank in Google Maps.  We build them for you.

How Do You Design A Good Website?

You have to make sure...

  • It has a purpose
  • It  was built to DO something
  • It has a layout that follows the needs of the users, not the ego of the designers
  • It is easy to understand in less than 10 seconds
  • Users can solve their problems in less than 4 clicks
  • It has clean code, fast load times, and is Search Engine Optimized.
  • It includes the vital components needed to make conversions
  • The design layout and components are consistent with Your Company Branding
  • The color palette, action colors, and influence frame all work together as a system